Sonny is voiced by Dean Dawes

Dean is 23 and has spina bifida, so has been unable to use his legs since birth. He has lived at Leonard Cheshire Disability's Lavender Fields transition service in Hitchin for three years, using a wheelchair to get around. Prior to this he lived in foster care and residential schools for disabled children. Dean is hoping to move out to his own place in the next two to three years, but feels there is still a fair bit to learn first.

"I've got to improve my ways. Like not spending so much money on things, so I can save. I used to spend too much on beer, but I've stopped that. Now it’s CD's, DVD's and magazines. If I'm going to have bills to pay, I need to learn how to save my money!" he explains "and I need to learn how to cook!"

Dean takes a very positive stance when dealing with people's attitudes, he says: "If people stare at me or give me funny looks, I just ignore them and get on with my life. People should get to know me rather than make assumptions about me because of my wheelchair."

He adds: "I'll admit that I would like to have more non-disabled friends."