Roxy is voiced by Isobel (Issy) Bulmer

Issy is 22 and is a wheelchair user. She lives at Leonard Cheshire Disability's Lavender Fields transition service in Hitchin, and works as a volunteer at the Cancer Research charity shop in the town centre on Tuesday each week and at the Garden House Hospice Shop every Wednesday afternoon.

"What I really want to do is to work in a shop and I'm applying for jobs at the moment. Unfortunately I haven't been offered anything as there are access issues with my wheelchair, but I'm going to keep applying."

In January 2008 Issy got engaged to Beaney, her boyfriend of eight months.

Speaking of their relationship Issy said: "Beaney and I had been friends for about two years before we started dating. We were part of a group of ten people who went to the pubs and clubs in Hitchin and to the cinema in Stevenage. My friends are a mix of disabled and non-disabled people. I would go to the pub with my friends and Beaney would go with his. As we saw each other all the time the groups just joined together and we all became friends."

"When Beaney asked me out I wasn't looking for a boyfriend but I really liked him. I thought he was a really nice person and I really liked his spiky hair and earrings. We have a really good time together as we enjoy doing the same things and he’s really easy to be with, we can really talk and he's the person I most want to be with."