Ozzy is voiced by Adrian Carter.

Adrian is 25 and lives in South London. He has lost the use of his legs and had one arm amputated after a motorbike accident seven years ago.

Adrian is currently taking a business course at Westminster University, he started last year. "They treat me wonderful down there, to be pretty honest. When I go down there, there's always someone opening the door. They give me all the facilities and everything's wheelchair accessible - by law, anyway, it's got to be."

Adrian has started up a business, called Carter's Home Cooking, which specialises in Caribbean cuisine. "We provide food for my local community, and local shops. I've got a contract with a private nursery and an after school club. We also cater for private functions, weddings, christenings, birthdays, and anywhere we can get work, basically, I'm willing to go."

He has great plans to expand his business: "Hopefully, I'll be the Caribbean equivalent of Nando's. Everyone must have heard of Nando's. You've got to think big and you've got to do it big."