Millie is voiced by Shelley Patient.

Shelley is 22 and lives at Leonard Cheshire Disability’s Lavender Fields transition service in Hitchin.

"On the whole I enjoyed school, although I had a bad time when I was bullied, but I left with GCSEs in Maths, English and Science. It's hard to believe bullying can happen at a special needs school but I was bullied by a girl who was jealous of my abilities. I spoke to the teachers about it and they tried to help, but there wasn’t really anything they could do."

"One thing I enjoyed about school was when kids from other schools would come in. They were mainly from mainstream schools and I would be the one chosen to show them around. Doing that really helped my confidence and I found it easier to start conversations with people. I think it was good for them as they could see that I might use a wheelchair but it didn't stop me doing things. "

"It showed them that sometimes disabled people might live a bit differently to non-disabled people, but we still have the same feelings and need to be treated as equal."

"My relationships have been quite difficult. I've never had a relationship that doesn't involve some type of disability on both parts, but I wish in the future that I could find someone without a disability. Some of my friends are dating non-disabled people and I'd like to."