Cath is voiced by Debbie Reynolds

Debbie lives in Blackburn and has a hearing impairment. She has two young daughters and runs the successful School of Sign Language.

"I had left school without any qualifications after a challenging educational experience, as I was hard of hearing and didn't receive any support. I didn't want to draw attention to myself and I didn't admit just how bad my hearing was until I was 21 and got my first hearing aid. As an adult it made me determined to help children and young adults who were experiencing the same social barriers. That's when I decided to contact a local deaf charity and enroll as a volunteer."

After various volunteer and paid positions as a British Sign Language Interpreter, Debbie set up The School of Sign Language in 2006. "There are currently 24,000 deaf and hard of hearing people in Lancashire and 77,000 in the UK, yet there are only 325 qualified interpreters in the UK. "My aim was also to create employment for deaf people as well as a fantastic voluntary experience for hearing people who also wanted to make a difference in the deaf world as I knew I could guide them."