Callum is voiced by Chris Davis

Chris is 41 and lives in Chatham in Kent. He was diagnosed with the degenerative eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 9, and can now only distinguish outlines in bright light. With his life and business partner Fiona Bucknor, Chris runs a successful business, Wicked Waists, producing bespoke clothing.

"Our business relationship is excellent as we're really positive and don't think anything’s impossible, just that there are often obstacles for us to overcome, but we do this by working together."

"My visual impairment has changed the way we work. As I can no longer see well enough to sketch, I often come up with ideas for the designs and will tell them to Fi who will sketch the design. We're both very visual and Fi can see exactly what I'm describing. She interprets my ideas to design and then to the finished garment."

"We do spend most of the time working but we take time out for each other as well. My visual impairment hasn't affected our sexual relationship as we're both still really attracted to one another and have a very good and varied sex life."

"People don't hassle us, but a good night out would be taking Fi to a restaurant where people don’t notice my disability and don't cause problems. And we can just sit down and have a nice meal together and enjoy the evening."