Meet the voice behind Ozzy


Ozzy the Owl
There’s a chance to meet Adrian Carter, voice of Ozzy the Owl, next month at a major new event on disability.

Adrian is a guest speaker at Enable08, held on 28 and 29 November at the Ricoh Arena near Coventry. The event is being organised by Centaur Communications in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability. Adrian will be talking to visitors about his experiences in education and his success in setting up a catering company.

Adrian will be just one of the inspiring individuals that will be helping enABLE 08 visitors to access the information they need to live an active and independent life. Around 120 companies such as those offering assistive aids, leisure activities, financial and professional services, training, recruitment and education will also be present.

For more information on Enable08, please visit

2 Responses to Meet the voice behind Ozzy

  1. From Steve Liddle

    Brilliant. Great to see the actual people behind the characters, maybe he will get into film! I’ll be there if I can hitch a ride from my brother.

  2. From A.J. Austin

    Thanks to a kind activist on Facebook, this incredible website has finally made its way into notice on this side of the pond (the U.S.), and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Invisible Illnesses Week than to have visited you. Bravo! I can only dream of having a seeing-eye ladybug.