The new series is here!


Today, we launch the second series of Creature Discomforts ads, kicking off with Love and Sex, featuring Millie the Mouse and Roxy the Rabbit. Thjis ad can be viewed exclusively on this site ahead of its screening on ITV from next Wednesday.

Over the coming weeks you’ll see more commercials, and a few surprises, on this site, and look out for our new Creature Discomforts characters on TV, posters and radio. If you’d like to meet the characters now, check out our Behind the Characters section.

35 Responses to The new series is here!

  1. From Rachel Easom

    I think the new adds are fantastic - hopefully they willl help people re-think their perceptions of disabled people, who they are and what they can do.
    The adverts creatively get over the message that disabled does not have to mean unable, and also that having a disability does not mean you can not have a relationship.
    Well done.

  2. From Mabel Klix

    Love the new ad! A million thanks to everyone behind this campaign.

  3. From Elizabeth D'Arcy-Malone

    These ads are absolutely brilliant. The mix of humour whilst conveying a pertinent message is excellent.

  4. From Chad K.M

    Will help a lot to change the view to people with learning difficulty / disability

    Many thanks for every one behind this campaign

    More AD please.

  5. From Ricky Dawes

    Hello My Brother dean dawes has been on advert (i dont know the proper name of it) for Creature Discomforts but i have not seen it yet if any one knows where i can get to see it please email me on or text me on 0779655770 i rilly want to see it. thanks

    And well done dean

  6. From StephenE

    Hi Ricky,

    Dean is the voice of Sonny the Shrimp. You can find his character page here: and his advert will be available exclusively on this website from next Wednesday (16 July).


  7. From Gemma & Greta

    I think these new adverts are a brilliant idea because it helps us to understand disabled people and their problems in everyday life. This proves that these people have a voice too.

  8. From Emo

    My friend has hearing aids and thats it!!

  9. From laura and melanie

    I think the new adverts are so cool! They are brilliant and tell a lot about the people who have a slight disabilalty. by mel. I think they are a fantastic for kids because it makes them understand how other people feel. by laura. We both think that it’s good to know how disabled and blind people comunicate.

  10. From beth

    i think that this is a really cool sit. one of my friends have a hearing aids, shes called heather. shes a brill girl and doesn’t care tyhat she has an hearing aids. my fave character is cath bthe cat. she is allsome.
    love the web.

  11. From Luke

    i think these new adverts are a good idea because so we know that disabled people in everyday life can still do things better then the people who are not diabled.

  12. From andreicb

    Even though I generically do my best to ignore any disabilities of other people, and I try to treat them as I would you and I, meaning that I’m used to this perception, after seeing the spots I felt a dramatic decrease in the fatalism to witch I associated disabilities (this is, of course, due to the use of animation). The result is that I’ll find it easier to treat people with disabilities in a normal, natural way.

    This change in my point of view is, like all other psychic processes, subjective. Even though it’s influence was exerted quite strongly, if it is not sustained, either actively (by me) or passively (by others), it’s effect will fade. But this does not change the fact that it truly existed.

    Congratulations to the entire team responsible for this, and the rest is up to all of us.

  13. From Greg

    These ads are great, I wish they would air in the USA !

  14. From mervyn smalley

    the first phase was brilliant it made people take notice the second phase should be even more popular ive got the first set of the pin badges cannot wait to get my hands on the new ones

  15. From Norma Carroll

    Any program that helps the non-disabled population……..especially children…….recognize and deal with disabilities to the point where it’s recognized that we’re all in the same boat……as human beings……..disabled and non-disabled………well……..I think a program that promotes tihis idea is nothing less than ……..brilliant ! Thanks so much !!

  16. From Iris Vigo

    Great adverts. Helps people to understand that, although some people might look normal, they are disabled but still very capable of having a relationship with non-disabled people.

  17. From joannie

    the adverts make an effective impact, but will they have the same impact on the bbc makers of panorama viewers where continuous programmes portray the biased view that disabled are fraudsters. If these people start to listen I will be delighted. So a big congratulations to the creators on a wonderfully thought out set of adverts, I hope they are a breathe of fresh air to many others as well as me.

  18. From sharkbait

    These are great, good job.

    Nice website too. Excellent.

  19. From Steve Pope

    What a fantastic campaign, thanks and congratulations to all involved. Any chance that the vids could be made downloadable so that i could put them on my phone.

    Great approach to ever-present problems of perception.

  20. From adam Davdison

    i like the new ads i think it will make people understand about disabilities and still make it funny. I’m at Calvert trust for my holidays and a lot of disabled people come here at it showed what it’s like to be disabled and made me a lot patient because of it. Hopefully this new show will do the same for others.

  21. From katy

    I think the Creature Discomforts pictures are great.!!!!

  22. From Laura Higgins

    I do feel the ad are Ab Fab and why has Dyslexia and Dyspraxia have been left out? they are Disablities too and that could be discrimative toward people with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia they deserve a fair shout too.

  23. From Glenys Ugarte

    I have rescently become disabled with an above knee amputation and have been real upset by some of the peoples attitudes and rudeness.
    I have enjoyed the Creature discomforts adverts they have really helped by showing people we may have a disability but we are the same as other people.
    Please keep up the work.

  24. From Lesley Fildes

    Great to remind people that the greatest disability is the loss of a sense of humour.

  25. From Gillian Bishop

    Congratulations on your new series of radio advertisements. I thought the last series was terrible, and told you so! So it’s only right that I now give credit where it’s due.

  26. From Pauline Gallagher

    Hi, a million thanks for this most recent campaign. I hope that it changes even one person’s perception that even though the body doesn’t work exactly perfectly, this doesn’t mean that they’re not capable of being a brilliant partner.

  27. From Windy Willow

    Wow! I sure wish we had this kind of campaign in Canada, as I am disabled and I’m totally disgusted with peoples attitudes. They either pity me (which I don’t want or need) or they consider me to be an “lnconvenience” to them, especially when I insist that they vacate the handicap changing rooms or parking spaces that are clearly marked with the wheelchair symbol. The whole world needs to be educated about our realities, so BRAVO to you for starting in the UK, and hopefully the understanding will spread far beyond your island. I’m sure that if we teach the children, they will teach their parents, as well as their own children some day. Keep up the good work!:-)

  28. From Yvonne Cichon

    What a brilliant idea the ads are. Many people definitly don’t understand dissabilitys. probably because they’ve had no reason to. I especially like the one about gaining other senses. I am registered partially sighted and i am deaf in one ear but my sense iof touch and smell have become more acute.
    Also I have to remind people in the nicest possible way that it’s my sight and hearing that have gone NOT MY MIND. Keep up the good work with these very clever ads.

  29. From jk

    I keep hearing the Roxy the Rabbit commercial on ClassicFM, and it reaally pisses me off, especially the “One can have sex” bit. Can’t they go advertise somewhere else???

  30. From Geraldine Privett

    I love your new ads - a great improvement on the previous ones ! Well done to the team who put these together.

  31. From Keith Nadin

    Keep up the good work the new ads are spot on just feel sad that J K doesn’t think so.The whole idea is to raise awareness is it not? which it does.I am not disabled ,but truly think that your work is brilliant.

  32. From Anonymous

    I really think all the ads are brilliant well done. I would like to see one thats in a wheelchair and cant talk but types on a lightwrighter to talk to everyone. The lightwrighter can talk 4 someone that cant.

  33. From jean

    The ad.campaign is great and I love all the characters.The greatest thing anyone has said to me is “Jean, I never think of you in a wheelchair I just think of you as Jean” so if any of you able-bodied people out there know someone in a wheelchair feel free to quote mt friend

  34. From Joyce Fern

    I work with, and for, the elderly disabled in the community and i thnk your method of raising awareness to disability is spot on. Keep up the good work!

  35. From Anonymous

    Sonny the shrimp is probably the cutest character I’ve seen on the site. The advert speaks to me. Lucky,though,no body who’s in a wheelchair will ever have to worry if I’m gonna say,”uggh” at the sight of the chair,I’m more like,”So you’re in a wheelchair,” and I’m cool with that. So don’t worry about me,Dean,I’ll be nice. i won’t even mention your chair.