From the cutting room floor


A huge amount of work goes in to producing each Creature Discomforts commercial, yet the finished product runs just 30 seconds. The process begins with hours of recorded interviews, so there’s lots of rich material that never makes it to the screen.

That’s why, this year, we thought we’d add to the fun of the campaign by asking Aardman to animate a few out-takes from the interviews. Two of these, featuring Sonny the Shrimp, appear on the site from today. Two others, featuring Callum the Chameleon and Roxy the Rabbit, have been unleashed into the wild of the web. Can you track them down? If you find them, why not add a comment below?

6 Responses to From the cutting room floor

  1. From jean

    I’ve needed a wheelchair for over 20 years, at first when going a distance but now I need it 24/7. I must be one of the lucky ones as I have never heard a negative comment.I think other disabilities invite more comments than others, such as cerebral palsy.What I have heard are remarks made about people using a disabled space in carparks when they have no obvious disabilities although they may suffer heart or lung problems which are invisible to others..So please don’t judge people if you do not know the facts

  2. From Gavin

    27 July 2020

    My names: Gavin Cashman

    Date Of Birth 30 May 2020

    Born Woodland Sacarmento California

    aged 31

    I’ve got Asperburgers Syndrome I’ve been taking drving lessons for five years the week before last on my fourth driving test I failed one thing that was on being in the wrong lane,I got a miner on reversing around the corner this was in Newport South Wales.

    I work part time in Tescos from Thursday,to Saturday doing 16 hours.

    I use to go to Newport Campus doing special needs from Monday,to Friday from 1993,to 1997.

    I have taken some computer courses I’ve done database,spreadsheets,word processing&done two internet courses.

  3. From Gavin

    I did the Senory Garden at Boverton House Chepstow from August 1999,to September 2000.

    We would have people from Chepstow Comprehensive School helping us with the Garden project for two days a week they were Sunday&Wednesday.

    The Senory Garden would be a touch&smell for the blind people with walking sticks&wheelchairs.

    When the garden project was finished we had an open day,after the project I had to go to Southlands College to give a talk about my project with pichtures,was the boss of the project.

    It was hard work.

  4. From Anonymous

    Hi Gavin - We share the same birthday! Mine is also 30 May but I was born 1953 so am now 55. 30 May is best day of the year!!!!!


  5. From descartes


    I am big fan of Creature Comforts and DisComforts.
    However, I cannot help noticing that all the creatures in the ads seem to have only
    physical disablities, therefore enforcing the common image and idea.
    But hey, there’s no pleasing everyone, eh!

  6. From StephenE

    Hi Descartes,

    Thanks for your positive comment.

    In fact, we worked hard this year to ensure that ‘hidden’ disabilities were featured in the campaign. Cath is voiced by Debbie, who is deaf, and Callum is voiced by Chris, who is visually impaired. In fact, most of the issues raised by the people voicing the characters are shared by others with a wide range of disabilities. But with just six characters each series, we’re conscious that not every disability can be included.