First Series of Creature Discomforts


I was impressed with the first series of Creature Discomforts. It gave the general public a light-hearted but firm insight into disability. The characters couldn’t have been better picked. I was the voice for Flash the Sausage dog. It was great to be part of it, because no one initially knew what the voice recordings would lead to. The unbelievable thing was that we used to breed sausage dogs - how strange is that?

I think Creature Discomforts is a step towards changing people’s perception of disABLED people because it portrays all of us as one, and we do have a brain for want of a better word. Obviously, it will take more time and more of the campaign to get the message over - we do have a voice and hopefully continual campaigning will do the trick, let’s hope so. It has definitely got the general public in my area talking about it. On the few occasions I have been into shops, people have commented “I’ve heard your voice before, aren’t you the sausage dog in the TV advertisements?”. So, it shows people are paying attention to what is happening in the world of disability.

I hope series 2 will be even better, I’m sure it will. I think Leonard Cheshire Disability chose Aardman Animations as an excellent vehicle for re-branding of the organisation. This being said I think it was unintentionally based on wheelchair users rather than including other disabilities whether they need crutches, walking sticks or no aid at all.

After I did the TV interviews for series one their switchboard had been jammed with people saying it should have been more broad based into disability including other disabilities. I hope with series two this will be sorted.

Alex Milhaly, voice of Flash the Sausage Dog

3 Responses to First Series of Creature Discomforts

  1. From Rachel Morrow

    i think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful, people do not know enough about disabled people, i think its about time everybody was tret equally

  2. From gary

    My wife is wheelchairbound, she has been all of her life. What annoys me is when we go to a shop to buy something, the person at the till talks to me and not my wife! I get very irritated and my wife has to keep me calm. Some people seem to to too embaressed to talk to a disabled person.

  3. From huw evans

    being a person with “invisible”disability(relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis) I feel commited to voicing my opinion that I am not the one with the disability but paradoxically abled people with visibly no disability who belittle people with disability are in fact the disabled.