Come behind the scenes


If you’ve wondered exactly what goes into making Creature Discomforts, wonder no more.

A making of film from the second series is now available at the Making the Ads link. In it, you can hear more from the voices behind the characters, as well as contributions from the team at Aardman and Leonard Cheshire Disability.

In addition, the making of film for the first series is still available for those who haven’t seen it.

So, if you’re an aspiring animator or just want to find out more about the campaign, take a look now.

9 Responses to Come behind the scenes

  1. From Sara Fadil

    I wish that I could some how get involved with this project.
    I have a website and have been dianosed with clinical Depression.

  2. From nikao

    Simply excellent !

  3. From jordan bellamy

    cool behind the scenes pic but only one picture? please post more thank you

  4. From Irene Lindsay

    Oh! I thought they were all real!
    They are so real, it’s fantastic, I love them. It certainly gets the message accross in style. Well done LC.

  5. From mark jewell

    I wish that I could some how get involved with this project

  6. From Rick Rubenstein

    Currently the Making Of Series 1 video is halting around 30 seconds in. I’m using a Mac running OS X 10.5.4. This is occurring with both Safari 3.1.2 and Firefox 3.0.1.

  7. From JasonD

    Thanks Rick - we will investigate!

  8. From S Hurley

    What about a creature who use British Sign Language??????

  9. From Russell Bloom

    Excellent web site catchy and full of info I have known about you charity for some years however lost contact recently. will defiantly refer to you now I have re found you.
    All the best