Bring the characters to your friends


You will have noticed the little animated logos dotted around the site. These were specially designed and animated by Aardman, and you can now share these with your friends through our updated e-cards facility.

You can send cards to up to ten friends at a time, up to five times a day. So what better way to contact people and share the humour of the Creature Discomforts characters, and the important message of our campaign at the same time?

You can preview the e-cards on offer here.

2 Responses to Bring the characters to your friends

  1. From Chris

    Hi! Just been reading your blog! Maybe you would like to read mine? Perhaps we can have a creature who is enterally fed next to ensure we are included too? !! Thanks

  2. From StephenE

    Hi Chris,

    What is your blog address for anyone who would like to read it?