Meet Callum (part 1)


Callum the Chameleon is just one of six new characters currently being created for the next series of Creature Discomforts animations. The animations will be available on this site from early July, but here’s a sneak peek at the development process.

First, we interviewed dozens of disabled people about their experiences, and from these, we selected six individuals who will voice the characters. Christopher is the voice of Callum, and you can hear a clip from his interview here:chameleon-audio-clip

Next, the team at Aardman Animation think what character would go with that voice. For Christopher, who is visually impaired, they came up with a chameleon, who we’ve called Callum. Here’s one of the original design sketches:

Now, before the stop motion animators can get to work, a rough ‘animatic’ is made, essentially an animated storyboard of the film with the clip of Christopher’s voice over the top. Here’s an extract from the animatic for Callum:

Meanwhile, the modellers at Aardman have been turning the sketch of Callum into a three dimensional plasticine figure, and designing the set on which the animation will be shot:

Check back soon for Part 2, and an exclusive clip from the finished ad.

19 Responses to Meet Callum (part 1)

  1. From Rox

    Looking good!


  2. From Don

    looking good.

  3. From jean


  4. From Lesley

    Looking forward to seeoing the finished project

  5. From Sue

    great idea to use a chameleon as they blend into the background and are usually ignored…just like the disabled

  6. From Dara

    An excellant addition to an already great cast

  7. From Mo


  8. From Liz

    Looking great so far. Thought provoking.

  9. From Liz

    I love the way a real voice is used and how the animators fix on an animal that somehow relates to the person. It makes us understand better how the person must feel and how we should notice the disabled in a positive way.

  10. From Julie

    This is great - sustaining an established campaign will only strengthen its impact. In addition to Sue’s comments (20th June), it will help illustrate that there is disability sitting next to us at work, on the bus, shopping in the supermarkets - proof that it does not necessarily stop anyone doing anything they want to do. But there is another side to the chameleon - they can adapt to any situation and blend in effortlessly. I think Callum’s glass should always be half full!

  11. From Ann

    Callum’s comments are really pertinant. I look forward to seeing the new campaign.

  12. From Trace

    Looking forward to the finished animation and new charachters

  13. From hilary

    These are excellent. I will look to adding this onto my blog, just wondered if you are going to promote an embed code for them or whether you are keen to just direct people to the website?

    I thought the clips were really insightful.

  14. From mark jewell


  15. From Souraya Talamas

    You are doing a great job!!!! I work as a PR for the Syrian Organisation for the Disabled in Damascus and i found on google your website, I really like it so much… We were planning to organise an awareness campaign on a national level, your approach is a revelation for me… I think I will soon request your assistance…

    Good continuation

  16. From Alex S

    This looks great! Will some of the new characters be younger than the first set? Although they were superb, it would be great to build on this with some views of younger disabled people. I expect you have this covered! Really look forward to seeing the new ads in their entirety.

  17. From Cathie

    From Cathie Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    June 27th, 2008 at 4:22 pm
    Hi, what a brilliant way to bring disability awareness to the masses.Working with youngsters with disabilities it will be great for everyone to see how their world really is but in a good way. There should be more like this so well done you for being up there in the lead with your terific Creaturediscomforts.Cant wait to see it on screen & hope it hits the mark. Will it be made into a DVD too as know it will sell well.

  18. From Toni

    Congratulations on the new adverts - I loved the first ones so much and can’t wait to see the new ones.

  19. From Anonymous

    Hi, I am quite certain Creaturediscomforts wiill go from strength to strength with the amination advertisements because they DVD’s “break the ice” to the general media but also make valid concerns for the disabled person and their quality of lives ….. I would like to see more complished on general public transportation access for the disabled ie; trains, buses, aircrafts and coaches. For a disabled person to be able to plan a trip in the knowledge they will not be impaired by lack of access would give them their basic independance back and also quality of life ! I think Creaturediscomforts have an excellent campaign in process ….. What about if you want a trip to the coast … a day out lifts anyone …. disabled person are no different …. we are all unique …. equal opportunities should be acknowledge and endorsed …. I take my hat off to Creaturediscomforts ! Disabled people don’t want pity - they only ask for recognition !