Peg is voiced by Sheila Morgan.

Sheila lives in Cardiff, and frequently battles with the parking there. "The thing that gets me is when you find that an able bodied person has parked in the only parking space. At the local theatre, there is just one parking space for a disabled person reflecting the small number of disabled seats in the theatre Ė just three. This parking space is often occupied by either a large bus or by an able bodied person. Itís very annoying".

Sheila has to be very organised when travelling: "I usually try to make as many enquiries as possible before I go anywhere. Recently, I wanted to go to a certain place in Newport and I phoned up before and discovered it was like a building site. I was told that the ground was totally unsuitable for wheelchairs so I couldnít go there".

Her opinion of disability has changed since she has experienced disability first hand: "I used to feel sorry for disabled people, but they donít want your pity, they want your respect".