Flash is voiced by Alex Mihaly.

At the age of 32, Alex had a fall at work which damaged his spine. Some 25 years later, he needs to use a number of computerised aids to control his television, telephone and other utilities around his home.

Access is a topic that gets Alex hot and bothered. ďNo thought goes into disabled provision in buildings, even new buildings. Businesses follow the regulations so they get planning permission and a building has disabled access on the outside, but there donít seem to be any rules for the layout inside. For instance, in shops, thereís no rule specifying that there should be a minimum amount of room between each clothes rail so people in a wheelchair can move easily between them.

"I am just as entitled as everyone else to buy something in a shop, but because of the hassle with access, I often end up having to purchase goods online."

Local transport isnít any better, as Alex explains. "I have a Derbyshire Gold card which entitles me to free travel on buses, but there are no wheelchair accessible buses on my local routes so it makes a mockery of me having the card in the first place!"